New Features + Updates

After a long stressful few weeks and with the help on a very good community backing us we finally pushed through Steam Greenlight and have been Greenlit! Thank you to everyone for your support and confidence in us we wont let you down!







In the last few weeks the Parabellum Game Team have been very busy working on bringing new features requested by the community to the game and here they are!


Smoke Effect









Our new Smoke effect is now in and working and looking at a lot more realistic. Using the smoke will give advantage to players trying to move out of position without being seen or even a distraction.We also now have the customization to change the colours of smokes .











Medkits are now available to drop using “V” as a Medic Class. You will only be allowed to drop this once every 3 minutes so make sure you use your kit tactically and in a safe place. 


Head Checking









With the new head checking system you will now be able to lean out of a corner when your weapon is lowered against a wall. Using “Q” and “E”  You will not be able to shoot as your gun it lowered but instead have a quick head check . Be careful though, enemy’s can shoot your head!