Road Map

  • Core Mechanics 
  • Core Character Movements
  • Custom Class System
  • 3 Playable Maps
  • Minimum of 3 Game Modes – DM/TDM/ZONE
  • Basic Character Animations
  • Functional Leader Board
  • Full Multiplayer Support
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Custom Menu – Customize Controls/Graphics Settings
  • Activate Steam Greenlight


  • Add Custom Animations
  • Additional Game Modes
  • Additional Maps
  • Improve Quality Of Life (Graphics, Menus ect)
  • Increase Dedicated Server Locations/Amounts
  • Ability To Host Your Own Listen Server
  • Add In-Game MiniMap
  • In Game Voice Chat
  • Add Filter For Team Chat
  • Review All Weapon Damage/Recoil
  • Server Admin Functions


  • Additional Weapon Classes
  • Introduce MedKits
  • Invite/Join Friends Function
  • General Performance Improvements
  • Add Additional Character Movement Capabilities (Community Decision Dependent)


  • Ability To Host Your Own Dedicated Servers
  • Ability To Customize Dedicated Server (e.g Hardcore/Normal Mode, Map Rotations, Game Modes)
  • Major Bug Fixing ( Correct/Fix ALL Bugs)
  • Improve Leader Board Functionality
  • Introduce Player Stats


  • Modding Tools
  • Competitive Servers/Ranking System (Community Decision Dependent)
  • Game Support – Errors/Bugfixes
  • Continue To Create Maps/Games Modes – RELEASE FOR FREE !!!





This is a snap shot of our current road map. Please be aware that as a self funded project, any of these stages are subject to change at any given time.

Once we are in pre-alpha stages alot of customizations with animations ect require funding.



Parabellum Team