[Sticky] V2 Prototype Update - 21/01/2017  


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21/01/2017 16:15  

What we currently have?
So far we are back to the same stage as our Prototype V1 in terms of functionality.
All of our animations, movement and base code are back in and seem to be working just fine.
Our dedicated servers are working but we have noticed that while using Steam as a subsystem its causes a problem with server travel, meaning that when the server travels to a new map, it kicks everyone out the server when doing so. There is a work around for this but is going to be a slow work in progress due the to the amount of changes

What's New?
So far we have added a new class system! Yes you can now choose between 4 different classes, all with different weapons. At the moment we have left it so anyone at any time can choose to be a different class and will be asking the community for input about how many of a certain class should be allowed ect.
We all remember there was a problem with weapons going through objects in the world! It's something a lot of UE4 games suffer with and struggle to get rid of. After a brain storm session we decided that best way to get rid of this annoying problem was to have our characters lower his weapon when getting too close to an object. The main reason for this, is to keep it a little more realistic, plus it rids the issue of weapons going through walls.

Weapon Recoil?
It is something we already had in terms of where the bullet lands after shooting, but we only ever had a small screen shake and nothing that really imitates firing a weapon. We have now introduces a recoil system that physically moves your aim. Its far from complete and is in need of alot of tweaking per weapon, but overall we are very happy with it and really enables the player to feel like they are firing a weapon.

Recoil Pattern?
As before we don't believe in patterns that people are able to learn after spraying at a wall a few times. Shooting in Parabellum Game will require skill, reactions and tactics!  Each spray will never be the same when it comes to rifles. Each recoil pattern will differ each time. Pick your shots and make them count! Unless you're in someones face, then every bullet counts.

Grenades are something we didnt have in our V1 Prototype, but we worked very hard to atleast get something working for our V2 Prototype. Currently ion the game are grenades/flash/smoke in and working at some level. We currently lack the animations for these but have made a few temporary ones which will do the job untill we source some! We are also aware that the flash/smoke effects need looking into which i will revisit once our new subsystem is up and running.

Player Models?
We have updated our player models for both FFA team and Ironton Team. While the previous models where ok we decided we wanted some better ones.

TIP (Turn In Place)
We never really liked the whole, spin on the spot in games, so we have put in a small system that makes the character step round while turning on the spot. Not important to game play but makes it look a little nicer.

V1 only had our Castle map avaalible. We are now currently sitting at 3/4 new maps to add to our V2 Prototype. A massive thank you to Danger and Holty for making them while we have been busy on the code front!

At the time of writing this update we still only have deathmatch and team deathmatch in our Prototype V2. Our Zone Capture/King of the kill/CTF and round based game modes will be added once our 4 maps are in and our dedicated servers are working on the new subsystem.

Are we still ready for the end of the month public prototype test?
This is the most important question for most people and the answer is yes! All I would remind people is that we are going to find bugs and issues, but thats why you're all part of the prototype stage.

You may be asking when is public testing?

As of yet we do not have a date but we can tell you it will be next week sometime!! hop your all as excited as we are!!

Thanks, Parabellum Game Devs.


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