Update 08/04/2017  


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08/04/2017 16:38  

Update 08/04/2017


  • Melee Added !  A Prototype Kinfe and animation have been added. Its still very early stages and we are waiting to add our 3rd Person Animations .  Currently 3 Hits are need to kill someone on full health. This is not for an instant kill but to finish someone off during battle if your out of ammo.
  • Micro Uzi had been nearfed - Increased spread and slightly lowered the damage per shot.
  • Stuck in Spectator mode - Should now be fixed but needs further testing
  • New scoreboard design
  • FFA Banner on scoreboard now matches the team colour


Further updates due ! 


Please keep update here and join us in testing new features ! 

Or if you have an great idea for the game post in our Ideas section!



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