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As many of you know Kaos has been majorly busy designing a new back end system which will allow us to have a lot more flexibility and customization in the future. With 'King of the Hill' game mode now being our primary focus for now this will open a lot of doors for this game mode.This will allow us to give you the ability to customize your loadout before entering a server or whilst in a game already. Within this load out you will get various options RANK depending for example :

Rank 1 : Unlocks MP5k

Rank 2: Unlocks MicroUZI


This will then be expandable giving us the option to unlock new types on Ammo, Attachments, abilites, and many other features in the future.

A Sneaky Peek of our Prototype Customize Load out :


More Features will follow


If you have any suggestions please feel free to post them in the Community Idea's Thread.






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