[Sticky] Prototype Update 18/03/2017  


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18/03/2017 16:10  

Update 18/03/2017


Bug Fixes :

-Fixed Flashing blood on spectating

-Fixed Package drop on death ( Extraction Game mode )

-Fixed You have the package text showing for both teams

-Fixed changing team bug not working properly

- Fixed being able to see grenades inside body on 1st person camera

- Fixed Mini-map from glitching when looking directly up or down



Class System Updates:

Assault: 1 Grenade        1 Flashbangs       0 Smokes
Medic:   1 Grenade       0 Flashbangs       2 Smokes
Scout:   0 Grenades      2 Flashbangs       0 Smokes
Sniper:  0 Grenades      0 Flashbangs       1 Smoke

( This is subject to change depending on gameplay results )
We aiming for this to increase teamplay

Scout Class Update : Special Perk Added ( Increased Sprint Speed ) Gather intel or get to objectives faster

Sniper Class Update : Special Perk Added ( Quieter Footsteps ) To be sneaky




- All Weapons have increased recoil

- All Weapons Reduced accuracy




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