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UPDATE 14/03/2017




This game mode is a mix between 'Last Team Standing' with an added Objective. Currently Ironton have to defend two Briefcases from the 'Freedom Fighters' and prevent them from stealing them as they contain very valuable Intel. If 'Freedom Fighters' return just one briefcase back to their given extraction point the game will end. Or if one team is eliminated.

-First Team to 1o rounds wins ! 

-Teams Swap after 9 rounds

(We would like to credit Modederp a community member for helping with the idea) 


Minimap Update:

-Along side the new game mode the mini map has been updated to show the objectives. Ironton will not see the objective on their mini map if it has been taken. Its their job to hunt them down.


Flash Bangs:

-Flash bangs no longer flash you through walls or if you are behind object at a certain height 


Map Updates


- All blocking volumes now allow grenades to pass through

- Snipers hole now allows grenades to pass through

- Few minor map collisions and textures fixes



- Floating objects fixed

- Post processing changed


Urban Assault:

-Post processing changed ( Hands and arms now less orange)

-Texture fixes

-Decal fixes ( should no longer overlap players) 





(Para Dev)


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