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12/03/2017 19:10  

UPDATE 12/03/2017


Ka0s has been working very hard the last few days to try and get some major bug fixes done before tonights build. Here is the list of updates to date



-Spectating in Last Team Standing - Re-coded the whole spectating function. No longer need to keep clicking to view the next player. Smoother Transition between players.

-Spectating camera no longer zooms with the player you are spectating.


New Minimap:

-Had to re write the whole mini map system due to come bugs and errors.

-Minimap only hows friendly players 

-Shows dead team mates with a red skull (removes its self once the person respawns)

-When playing as a medic it will now show team mates with a Yellow cross to indicate they are below 35 health.

-When laying a Medpack down, it will show on the mini map as a green cross for your team only. No out of map pointer will show unless your health is below 35, in this case you can find your way to a dropped medkit.

-When specating the minimap now follows and rotates with the spectated player.

-Minimap now detects the map and changes its texture accordingly(map textures are something we are working on to improve)


Medkit tweaks:

-Increased the radius for you to start regenerating health

-Decreased the time is takes to get health


Weapon Tweaks:

-Added a new function which detects when you are moving and increased both base/ADS spead. Its only 0.4 right now to make it less accurate at longer distances, hoping to bring now the level of run and gun situations.


Smoke Effect:

-I have been working on a prototype for a new smoke effect that doesn't rotate with your player. As of right now its very basic blocks so doesn't look very good but it gives as a chance to test the concept.

-Smoke also has collision, so will no longer go through walls and will stay contained to a room/underground.


I had a quick look at the flash but did not get enough time to actually fix the flashing through walls just yet. I will however keep in mind and return once i get the chance to.


Other small back end code changed and UI bugs addressed.


(Para Dev)


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