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08/02/2017 17:19  

Ok Guys/Girls,

              Just wanted to post a real quick update in here with what is currently going on with the prototype. We have hit a little wall at the moment with random players getting an 'Fatal Error' issue when joining the game. I am currently stripping back functions/UI and code to find the problem. We are trying to test at every opportunity we can to try and rectify the issue.

I know this problem has attacked other UE4 titles before, but without UE actually giving us a reason, apart from pointing to the graphics cards we are totally in the dark as to what is actually causing it.

We need to keep as many people testing as we can as sometimes we find everyone is fine until we get over 8 players in the server, so 1 or 2 players jumping on at a time is a little bit of a waste of time.


Keep update by joining our discord channel. There I will be posting the latest builds to jump on and test. Once we feel we have resolved this issue I will continue the weekly builds as per normal, testing every sunday.






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