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King of the Hill

King of the hill will be Parabellum Game's NEW Main game mode coming soon after the Lanbit event in May. We believe this will help slow down game play and help bring Teamwork into play. 


How does it work?

King of the Hill is 2 or more Teams fighting over a Large objective in which they need to keep control of a specific area for a certain amount of time to gain points for their team. To win the round its the team with the most points Or by the Team who is dominating by completing the round with maximum points.

To gain points for your team you need as many Friendly players within a specific marked objective. If your Team takes control your points will slowly increase. If the Enemy take control of the point its your job to work as a team and fight your way back in control. This is where the Team Play will help. Running around as a solo you may gain kills, but your team may not be in control of the objective.


Rank System

King of the Hill Brings our first Ranking system!  This will be separate to our current Global score which works on just your kills and deaths globally. Our Ranking structure has not yet been confirmed but as soon as we have this i will make sure you get to see it here first!

How to Rank up?

Ranking up will not be easy but working as a team will help you out a lot.

+2 Points: Killing a enemy player

-1 Point: Death

+1 Point: Healing a friendly player

-1 Point: Healing an enemy player ( Be careful where you decide to drop your Medkit )

+2 Points: Capturing the Zone

-1 Point: Losing the Zone

+5 Points: Wining the Round

-3 Points: Losing the Round


Benefits of Rank

We want to make sure people have a purpose in wanting to rank up so we will be introducing the ability to unlock things. As of right now nothing is confirmed on how this will be done or what they will be but i can give you an example of somethings we have thought of.


-Unlocking Grenade slots (To carry more grenades or different types)

-Unlocking Scopes/Attachments

-Unlocking the ability to customize your weapon Skin (Or create your own)

-Customizing Outfits 

And plenty more coming soon ( We are always open to suggestions from the community and will always put them to a vote)


Mobile Spawn Points

Mobile Spawn points are going to available to introduce tactical play. Each team will have 1 spawn point any member of your team can pick up and drop at any time. BUT if the enemy see your MSP they can destroy it causing a 3 minute delay on spawning a new one that you will have to collect from your Main base.



Jeeps will be available at your Main Base to transport you from to and from the objective. But if they are destroyed you will have a 1-2 minute delay on them respawning.

Courtesy of Malcolm Nicoll for texturing these for us!

Check out some more of his work @ https://www.artstation.com/artist/malcolmnicoll



More information will be updated as work progresses







(Para Dev)


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