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29/01/2017 20:03  

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who turned up to our first Prototype V2 test of 2017! This will be our live Bug fix updates post so please keep an eye out here for all our fixes and findings.


If you have found anything that is not listed below please don't hesitate to post it so we can add it to our to do list.


29/01/2017     Bug's


  • Throwing a grenade and continue clicking it doesn't de-spawn the mesh ( leaving you with a grenade in your hand as well as your weapon ) - **FIXED**


  • Spawn location of the grenade is on the wrong side - **FIXED**


  • Sniper Scope sway effect doesn't remove when you die - Fixed Pending Tests


  • Sniper Scope stuck on screen when swapping to pistol - **FIXED**


  • Async seems to cache every players model on the server giving fatal errors after 9 players - Fixed Pending Tests


  • When killed after being flashed you spawn again looking at the floor - NOT LOOKED AT YET


Community Ideas


  • Friendly Name Tags ( Pressing a button to show name tags for an amount of time ) - TO DO








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