Lanbit 2017 Deathmatch Tournament

1st Place Shifty



Parabellum game is an online first person shooter due pre-alpha release early 2017.

Parabellum game for us is all about freedom. We believe that a lot of freedom has been taken away in regard to PC gaming. An endless amount of limitations and a siege of micro-transactions dominate PC gaming as we now know it. You now buy a game with only half the content to get sold the rest at a later date. We are certainly not saying all developments are like this but we have noticed a lot. Parabellum will give the PC gaming community back what it deserves !

Freedom to host your own servers on YOUR terms!
New game modes/content always released for free !
To be able to mod and create your own maps!

So what style of game is Parabellum game?

Parabellum game is an online first person shooter. We are hoping to give players the opportunity to enjoy the game with larger tactical team based maps but also cater for those competitive players by also building smaller more team based comp maps/game modes. Which you decide to play is up to you

Not only do we want to build a game we love and enjoy to play, but gamers love to enjoy and play. We are passionate about giving the community an input in the final say. We understand while we will never make everyone happy at one time, we would do our damn best to.

Larger maps/Competitive maps? How many players?

We are currently aiming for 30 players per server on our larger maps and 8v8 on smaller competitive maps. This is subject to change based on test and community feedback.

Competitive mode?

We all love a bit of friendly fun online but like us, gamers also like to get dirty and tactical when it comes to proving you are the master! This competitive mode is not due release at first but will come into play once we are happy with Parabellum game as a whole.
Plans for other game modes?
We already have Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Zone Capture more or less ready to go. Why be limited to only a few game modes and then have to pay for a DLC to unlock different game modes? NO you shouldn’t. As we will continue to mention, Parabellum game is about freedom and as long as we are still working on the project anything we implement or add will always be free !

So where are we right now with development?

Right now we are putting together our prototype version of Parabellum game. Building everything from character movement, shooting and basic mechanics of a first person shooter.


A lot of projects do not allow you to get involved in such an early stage of a project but we want a community that gets involved from start to finish. If our community as a whole would like a new feature or modify something already implemented, then we want to know and will do our best to change it where we can.